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I have taken two daylong energy medicine workshops with Marion and both were educational, fun, enlightening, and the knowledge I gleaned from both has been helpful to me in many ways in my everyday life.

Marion is a superb teacher, which was apparent from the onset of Energy Medicine 101. There were 4 of us in that class, and I was the only one who had not done any body work in the past--there was one Reiki Master/nurse and two acupuncturists that day--so I was brand new to much of the information. Marion was extremely patient, clear, kind and supportive to me, to all of us, for that matter, as we moved our way through a large body of knowledge. Her teaching style is eclectic--ranging from hands-on to Power Point presentations to videos to interactive to actively practicing energy medicine routines--which all served to keep things exciting, moving along, and out of the humdrum category! Kept the brain and body active and alive. That class was GREAT!

I also took Energy Medicine 102 with one other classmate--an acupuncturist--and Marion was exceptionally helpful and patient and clear as I worked to assimilate much of the vast knowledge that she was sharing with us that day. Not only is Marion brilliant and kind and knowledgeable and engaging as a teacher, but she is also very intuitive, something I have come to respect and admire in someone who instructs, especially when one is working in the field of energy. This class was also GREAT!

I cannot recommend Marion more highly for her skills, knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm (humor too!!) I hope you have the opportunity to work with her because I know you'll be glad you did!
                                                                                                                            ~ MLDeW


I am very glad that I found and attended the Eden Energy Foundation
Classes this year. The saying “when you are ready the right teacher
comes along” could not be more true about my instructor Marion Bergan.
Every class was balanced between instruction and supervised practice
sessions. Complex concepts were presented in multiple ways with charts,
slides, a written handbook, reference materials and enjoyable meridian
association puzzles. The teacher assistants were wonderful and brought
their own enlightening perspective to answer our many questions!
Helpful hints were generously given in abundance. I feel privileged to
have come across such a knowledgeable, resourceful, dedicated and
competent Instructor as Marion Bergan.
                                                                                                                             ~ Mary P.


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Testimonials - Dalton Community Acupuncture in Berkshire, Dalton, Pittsfield, Lenox, Windsor

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