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Living Your Rhythms in Balance

In this five month class we will explore how the ancient wisdom of Oriental Medicine applies to the challenges of our daily life. We will use the Five Rhythms as our guide to assess where we are in relation to balance in each Rhythm and then plan the changes we want to make in order to bring our lives into greater balance and harmony. In working our plan we will facilitate our changes with an on-line discussion group and a weekly check in with a dyad partner.

If your ready to do an in depth life evaluation and make a commitment to change in your life, then this class is for you.

  • Learn about the Five Rhythms and how they apply to your life
  • Explore the Central Issue of each Rhythm and its Challenge
  • Complete a Self-Assessment of where you are with each Rhythm
  • Learn the One Thing necessary to incorporate to bring balance to each Rhythm
  • Learn ways to deal with natural push-back or resistance to change
  • Learn a special Practice for each Rhythm that cultivates balance and harmony in that Rhythm
  • Use the Four Rs: Receptivity, Remembrance, Reflection and Return to help the changes you make last. Its not enough to do things differently, we have to change who we are.

We will use the book Rhythms of Change by Mary Saunders as our guide on this journey.

Living Your Rhythms in balance will allow you to manifest your destiny
- who you were born to be.

Cost $150  Class will start in July, exact dates and times to be announced.

To Register contact Marion Bergan:

I was a special guest on Energy TV where I spoke with Amy Williams about the Five Rhythms and Living Your Rhythms in Balance:




Located on the 2nd Floor:

Living Your Rhythms in Balance - Dalton Community Acupuncture in Berkshire, Dalton, Pittsfield, Lenox, Windsor

63 Flansburg Ave
Suite 261
Dalton, MA 01226

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