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Dr. Garbers Homeopathic Formulas


Dr. Garbers Homeopathic Formulas - Marion Bergan in Berkshire, Dalton, Pittsfield, Lenox, Windsor

I don't remember how I learned of Dr. Garber's Homeopathic Formulas but I first used them myself for allergies with great success. Then I started using the other formulas in my practice and have found them to be equally as effective. Below is my testimonial that I wrote to Dr. Garber in November 2007.

  "I have suffered with environmental allergies and food intolerances, manifesting as very itchy skin on and off most of my life. After giving up the cortisone creams decades ago, I started my search for relief. I tried acupuncture, of course, with virtually no long term success. I tried the candida diet, again with no success. While in acupuncture school I had success with Classical Homeopathy for a period of time. Unfortunately I anti-doted that remedy and have suffered on and off to varying degrees ever since. I had some success with a form of NAET, but currently don't have access to a therapist. About a year and a half ago I decided to try all sorts of remedies, of which there are many, and most do very little if anything to help. When I came across your formulas I decided to try the SKN (Skin) and ALR (Allergy) together. The results have been remarkable. My skin has completely cleared up and I can eat almost anything without having an allergic reaction. After approximately five months I stopped taking the formulas and have been fine for the last two to three months. I am just now starting to have very mild reactions to certain foods, so I have started taking them again. I assume I will have to take them on and off in order to control this over time given the chronicity of my condition. Again, I can't thank you enough for these formulas. They have changed my life!"

Marion Bergan Irwin
Licensed Acupuncturist



Located on the 2nd Floor:

Dr. Garbers Homeopathic Formulas - Marion Bergan in Berkshire, Dalton, Pittsfield, Lenox, Windsor

63 Flansburg Ave
Suite 261
Dalton, MA 01226

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